Phoenix Lander color views


Left: a color view released on the Phoenix Surface Stereo Imager page, where all the images made by that lander can be seen. Color and tonal values unaltered from the original.




Right: An early color view of the surroundings and soil scoop, recolored slightly to approximte likely Mars ambient lighting.






Below: A polar Martian landscape, altered from the source to make the Sun glint white and to bring the hue and contrast closer to other surface views. The color is probably a little closer to the Mars lit reality, although such color studies are qualified by uncertainties in color reproduction between displays and other factors.























Right: A view of sub surface ice exposed by the Phoenix lander digging arm. Color and tonal values unaltered from the original.













MSL 'Curiosity' Rover







































This early photo from the Curiosity Rover suggeste the coor of the soil beneath objects of known color. It is adjusted from the original, to better match the probable 'white balanced' color, as if earthly noon time

sunlight was illuminating the view.







Left: The sky and scenery more or less color balanced for ambient lighting.





























Right: An initial attempt to use the sundial, identical in color chip arrays with those on the Mars Exploration Rovers, to try to extrapolate the color of the scene.




The skies of Mars (up to Pathfinder)























Below, An image from the MASTCAM color camera calibrated to show natural color, shown as released.
































Below: an image, as released, showing raw MASTCAM color (left) calibrated color (middle) and a simple color balance exercise assuming the brightest thing in the ecene is white (right).