Excerpt from USGS Interagency report:



The section of this document reproduced below contains photographs of rock formations weathered by wind and other forces into intriguing shapes. The conditions of this frigid desert are as close to that of Mars our world has to offer. If seen with insufficient detail and some lighting conditions some could be mistaken for life forms or traces. If some of these examples were seen in the distance in the Martian desert with a lander or rover camera there would be numerous references to them, showing enlarged 'close ups' with labels suggesting exotic interpretations on enthusiast web sites. These pages were scanned from a copy I have of an 'interagency report' of which many were circulated on topics of attention in the U.S. Geological Survey branch of Astrogeology, where I worked at the end of the Apollo era. The quality of the printed reproductions varies, I have tried to preserve all relevant detail with just enough scanned resolution to avoid significant moire patterns from the dot screen used in the reproduction.

Title page

Rock eroded into long bone like shape

Rocks eroded into curved and pointed shapes.

Page 96 introductory text

Page 97 'bush' rock

Page 98 'undulatory' shaped rock

Page 99 cavernously weathered rock textures

Page 100 'armored animal shell' (at least that's my 'association'!)

Page 101 curved eroded rock crowns

Page 102 large eroded overhang

Page 103 A stubby natural tripod

Page 104 'Big dove feeding young'

Page 105 'bowl' eroded out of the rock

Page 106 'Fakir's bed of nails'

Page 107 'weathered bare headed sphinx'

Page 108 weathered bedrock valley side

Page 109 weathered boulder

Page 110 leaning eroded remnant

Page 111 tall rocks

Page 112 pedestal rock

Page 113 overhanging weathered rock

Page 114 potholes over time

Page 115 bone shaped rock

Page 116 bone or bird?