1. My impression of the surface of Titan before the Huygens probe mission, showing the probe about to touch down. the surface is different in its textures but the lighting is still OK. 3D model of probe placed on modeled and painted background.

2. A 180 degree fish eye view of the region of Titan the Huygens probe observed, with the surroundings as they appeared. 3D modeled probe and background with extensive hand painting

3. 3D analglyph ( for colored glasses, red on left eye, cyan on right) of an early concept of the rings of Saturn seen from the inside. 3D rendering.

4. grayscale single channel of the above in case you don't have the glasses. Sorry it's in black and white.

5. Daphnis, a tiny moonlet within the rings of saturn which has cleared a path for itself within the rings. Its feeble gravity causes 'ripples' in the surrounding ring structure. In the distance of this 180 degree fish eye view the ring particles can be seen to follow long clusters as lesser particles trade partners with the larger ones as they orbit and gently attract each other. digital 3D with extensive hand painting.